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Born and stuck in Ohio, Stephanie writes speculative fiction, moonlights as a rock star, and works in a cubicle for The Man. Her fiction covers important, literary topics like psychic tattoos and zombie robots. She co-blogs at Write1Sub1 and eats slush for Lightspeed & Nightmare magazines and ParsecInk's Triangulation anthology. A SuperNerd who loves gaming, technology, good sushi, and bad kung fu flicks, Stephanie's digital life is available for stalking at her website.

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  • Stephanie shared from The Stepsister Scheme (PRINCESS Book 1) by Jim C. Hines
    “Princess Danielle. Welcome.” Beatrice Whiteshore, queen of Lorindar, gestured for Danielle to enter. Danielle stared. “What are you doing at the bottom of my privy?”
(TOLEDO, OH, United States)
Stephanie Lorée