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  • Stephen shared from The Price of Politics by Bob Woodward
    “One of the things we should do is take off the table growth assumptions that help us wish away the problems.” Growing the economy would increase tax revenue, but nobody knew by how much.
  • Stephen shared from Forever Young: My Friendship with John F. Kennedy, Jr. by William Sylvester Noonan, Robert Huber
    That same fall I moved with a bunch of guys into what quickly became a quintessential Animal House. I was back in Boston College at this point, which was good; working at a bar and living at party central didn’t work. It was the kind of house where sex, drugs, and rock and roll were constants. Strangers were in and out all the time; I’d come home to ad hoc parties at any hour. We all kept our bedrooms padlocked. I lasted six months there—at the end we called it the Fall of Saigon. Eventually three of us moved to a Victorian in Brookline that used to house the Church of Scientology, a place...
    Note: Yea... remember it well... I was the landlord ... eviction time.
  • Stephen shared from Are We Winning?: Fathers and Sons in the New Golden Age of Baseball by Will Leitch
    Every dad wants his kid to have a better life than he did. And I fear you won’t. I fear you won’t. And you deserve one. And so does your kid. If you ever have one. And you better have one. Because I ain’t gonna be here forever. I’d like to meet him. Or her. Clock’s tickin’, bucko.
    Note: on being thirty and not started life
  • Stephen shared from Are We Winning?: Fathers and Sons in the New Golden Age of Baseball by Will Leitch
    You know when I’m supposed to tell my dad I love him? When he’s on his deathbed. When he knows he’s going, and I know he’s going, and I take his hand and I finally, finally tell him. That’s when he wants it to happen, and that’s when I want it to happen. If one of us ends up dying before that moment occurs? Well, one more pain, one more thing to rub some dirt on and walk off. That’s the way it works. Them’s the rules. I’m comfortable with that.
  • Stephen shared from South of Bixby Bridge by Ryan Winfield
    God hides himself pretty well in the world. If you want to find him, you might have to look left and right—not up.
Stephen W. Smith