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I'm an author, editor, performer, sex and culture critic, teacher, mom, seamstress, pumpkinhead. I live in Santa Cruz, CA with my partner Jon and daughter Aretha.<br /><br />My blog is http://susiebright.blogs.com<br /><br />My weekly audio show, "In Bed With Susie Bright"is at<br />http://www.audible.com/susiebright<br />

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  • Susie shared from Backcast by Ann McMan
    I offer special thanks to the uncommonly talented voice actor, Christine Williams, for bringing my books to life in audio format. Bruno? You truly are The Voice That Launched a Thousand Subarus. Thanks are due, too, to Susie and Aretha Bright—the dazzling wonder women at audible.com who were willing to take a chance on my little book about women and bass fishing. This decision surely will go down in the annals of literature as a true profile in courage. What
    Note: Gee, Ann McMann, I think this is the first time Aretha and I have ever been thanked *in a book* for our audio edition! Ever! We're supposed to be invisible behind the curtain... Now I'm going to be spoiled... Bass fisher people unite.
(Santa Cruz, CA USA)
Susie Bright