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  • The shared from The Wind Through the Keyhole: A Dark Tower Novel (The Dark Tower) by Stephen King
    Pray for rain all you like, but dig a well as you do it.
  • The shared from The Religion Virus: Why we believe in God by Craig A. James
    In Heaven, Saint Peter is giving a guided tour to a group of new arrivals. "You're going to like it here," he says, "we have a place just for you." He takes them down a hall and opens the first door. Inside, there's a big party, with everyone drinking wine and dancing. "These are the Catholics. Boy do they know how to party!" he says. Moving to the next door, he opens it, revealing a more serious group, with everyone arguing and gesturing. "And here are the Jews, they like to talk." Walking further, they reach the next door, which St. Peter opens to reveal a room full of card tables, with various...
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  • The shared from The Religion Virus: Why we believe in God by Craig A. James
    Dawkins coined the term meme (a "mnemonic gene").
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  • The shared from MaddAddam (MaddAddam Trilogy, Book 3) by Margaret Atwood
    The Rev had nailed together a theology to help him rake in the cash. Naturally he had a scriptural foundation for it. Matthew, Chapter 16, Verse 18: “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church.” “It didn’t take a rocket-science genius, the Rev would say, to figure out that Peter is the Latin word for rock, and therefore the real, true meaning of ‘Peter’ refers to petroleum, or oil that comes from rock. ‘So this verse, dear friends, is not only about Saint Peter: it is a prophecy, a vision of the Age of Oil, and the proof, dear friends, is right before your eyes, because...
    Note: O' Margaret Atwood your satire is brilliant - and almost too close for comfort.