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Todd Noren-Hentz is Associate Pastor at Grace United Methodist Church in Huntsville, AL, where he leads the youth group and does a few other things around the church. He love to read books, think thoughts, play basketball and disc golf, and prides himself on getting rid of extraneous stuff.

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  • Todd shared from Dialogue: The Art Of Thinking Together by William Isaacs
    An estimated forty percent of all questions that people utter are really statements in disguise. Another forty percent are really judgments in disguise:
  • Todd shared from I See Satan Fall Like Lightning by Rene Girard, James G. Williams
    "If we had lived in the time of our fathers," the Pharisees say, "we would not have joined them in spilling the blood of the prophets." The children repeat the crimes of their fathers precisely because they believe they are morally superior to them.
  • Todd shared from Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in 12 Simple Words by Brian D. McLaren
    back then I would have had a lot more to say than I do now about “getting answers to prayer,” “praying effectively,” “claiming your miracle,” and so on. But from where I am now, with some autumns and winters under my belt, I actually think a better way to deal with these questions is to say: “Yes, think about these questions, and certainly share your opinions in response to them. But don’t pretend you have solved them once and for all. Because later on you’ll be seeing things from a different perspective, and from that perspective much will change. What seems like a problem now...
    Note: #Kindle McLaren on God's role in intercessory prayer
  • Todd shared from Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in 12 Simple Words by Brian D. McLaren
    Pain that isn’t processed is passed on. Pain that isn’t transformed is transmitted.
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  • Todd shared from Manana: Christian Theology from a Hispanic Perspective by Justo L. González
    In any case, it is only in Genesis 3, as a result of sin, that the subjection of the woman to her husband enters the scene.
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Todd Noren-Hentz