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Todd Russell loves reading and writing scary stories. He lives in the small town of Orting, Washington overlooking beautiful, active and deadly, Mount Rainier. Mental Shrillness, a collection of horror twist ending short stories, was his first book.<br /><br />His first novel, Fresh Flesh, a psychological thriller horror tale was published September 29, 2011 and is available in paperback and ebook. He is working on more books.

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  • Todd shared from Crustaceans by William Meikle
    started to shake his head but she wasn’t to be stopped.
    Note: a lot of s in this sentence
  • Todd shared from 11/22/63: A Novel by Stephen King
    button. NO SERVICE popped up in the window, of course—what had I expected? Five bars? A plaintive voice saying Come home, Jake, before you cause damage you can’t undo? Stupid,
    Note: King shows some mobile phone humor in 1958.
  • Todd shared from nineleven by Donald Capone
    Chuck turned on the TV that morning in the hotel room before getting out of bed. The images on the screen didn’t seem real; for a second he thought he was still dreaming. But he wasn’t.
    Note: this is how the morning of 9/11 was for us
  • Todd shared from Mental Shrillness by Todd Russell
    named WARSONG24U (claiming to be Sayer's distant relative), telling him to pack, leave his normalcy in Vancouver BC and drive south to a town named Medina, north of Bellingham, Washington. Today,
    Note: Medina is used as a town setting in several of my stories.
  • Todd shared from Mental Shrillness by Todd Russell
    she ask Jerianne? More shards of glass showed up throughout the day. From her back she removed an inch long section. She almost called Dr. Sears, but
    Note: Dr. Sears was one of several screen names used at AOL to enter the writing contests.
(Orting, Washington)
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