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  • Tony shared from Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s by Jeff Pearlman
    Note: Of the many books I've read on the '80's Lakers, this one was the most insightful and entertaining. As a life-long Sonics fan, I couldn't stand L.A., and would always root for the Celtics to beat them in the Finals - but I had mad respect for how they played the game of basketball. Showtime was unique and simply awesome to behold!
  • Tony shared from The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts by Tom Farley Jr., Tanner Colby
    Note: Funny, informative, and ultimately heartbreaking account of the life of Chris Farley. One insight: often, real interactions between Chris and David Spade were put into scripts, such as lines like, "Does this coat make me look fat?" "No, your face does." What was onscreen was very close to real life.
  • Tony shared from Behind Closed Doors by Jerry Hopkins
    Note: This was to be a new epilogue for the e-book version of No One Here Gets Out Alive. However, surviving band members nixed the whole deal, so Hopkins published it by itself. Nothing really new here, but as I have devoured every Doors/Morrison book that's been written, I found it a fun little read.
  • Tony shared from Howard Hughes: The Untold Story by Peter Harry Brown, Pat H. Broeske
    Note: A thorough look at Hughes' amazing life - his aviation exploits and engineering ingenuity; the many films he casted, produced and directed while owning RKO Studios; his discovery, pursuit and conquest of numerous Hollywood starlets; and of course, all as he suffered from a crippling disability.
  • Tony shared from Chasing Spirits: The Building of the "Ghost Adventures" Crew by Nick Groff, Jeff Belanger
    Note: Insightful and informative. Ghost Adventures rules!
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