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  • Vikarti shared from Quicker (an Ell Donsaii story #1) by Laurence Dahners
    The entire time Ell continued to perform markedly below her capability, placing her hands differently than she had seen in the video, making unsteady, bobbling handstands, moving off center on the bars, bending her knees unlike the demonstration. She purposefully fell down on the dismount. She had no idea that the mistakes she purposely made, which seemed like gross clumsiness to her, were actually relatively minor and wouldn’t have cost all that many points in a college competition.
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  • Vikarti shared from Gateway to Xanadu (Diana Santee Book 2) by Sharon Green
    But one thing I did do: I put one section of chapter 13, Diana and Val's time in the heart of the Pleasure Sphere, into a separate area. That part is really very gruesome, and if you don't care to read it I won't be offended. There are two places in chapter 13, one where you can link up to the gruesome part, which is at the end of the
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  • Vikarti shared from Gateway to Xanadu (Diana Santee Book 2) by Sharon Green
    scenes better. Love and hugs, Sharon
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  • Vikarti shared from a Personal Document
    The door to the admissions room opened slowly as Janice peeked in, eyes darting about nervously. The room was rarely used at this time of night, but she couldn’t take any chances. This evening had been months in the planning, and nothing was going to stop her from achieving her desire.
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  • Vikarti shared from Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegass, Adam Preble
    Now that you are familiar with retain, release, and autorelease, you are ready for the rules. In these rules, we use the word “you” to mean “an instance of whatever class you are currently working on.” It is a useful form of empathy: You imagine that you are the object you are writing. So, for example, “If you retain the string, it will not be deallocated” really means “If an instance of the class that you are currently working on retains the string, it will not be deallocated.” Here, then, are the rules. (Implementation details are in parentheses.) • If you create an object...