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  • Vincent shared from La guerre et la paix (French Edition) by Leo Tolstoy
    événement heureux et solennel; des commandements se croisèrent en tous sens, et à la gauche des prisonniers passa un détachement de cavalerie bien monté et bien habillé. Une expression de contrainte,
  • Vincent shared from The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman
    Consider the thermostat. When some people enter a cold house, they turn the thermostat to a very high temperature in order to reach the desired level more quickly. They do this because of their internal mental model of how the furnace works. The model is sensible and coherent, even if not well thought out. It is also wrong. But how would they know? Although this behavior is wrong for the home, it works for most automobiles—turn the heat or air conditioning up all the way, and when the interior is at the correct temperature, adjust the temperature control again. To understand how to use things,...
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  • Vincent shared from Survivors (The Morningstar Strain) by Z.A. Recht
    He was interrupted by a gunshot.