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I'm an award-winning author, columnist, speaker, teacher/educator, book and blog editor and much more. Amazon prohibits my bio details, listing my 30+ books (that they sell), the name of my popular iTunes podcast, column or my health work lecturing at places such as UC Berkeley or even the title of articles I've written for places such as O Magazine and Forbes -- as Amazon will not allow the use of the word "s-e-x" in author bios. You can find me @violetblue.

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  • Violet shared from Deadline (The Newsflesh Trilogy) by Mira Grant
    Several people have said it doesn’t feel like anybody lives there, and what they don’t seem to understand is that I like it that way. As long as I’m not really living there, I never have to think about the fact that I’m living there alone.
    Note: I know so many people right now that live like this.
  • Violet shared from Feed (The Newsflesh Trilogy) by Mira Grant
    “tell the truth, know the escape routes, and always carry extra ammunition.”
    Note: testing kindle sharing
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