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    Philosophy has always been something of a science of presuppositions; but it shouldn’t just expose them and say ‘there they are’. It should say something further about them that can help people.”
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    once you know how your mind processes reading, you can cut out the unnecessary steps. Do not focus on the sounds that words make – you simply don’t have to. Your mind is fast enough that it can easily take familiar written words and immediately connect them to meaning.
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    No matter how great you are at dreaming about your desired lifestyle, your dreams will only come true when you COMMIT to achieve them.
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    Conventional teaching has assumed that learning should involve determined concentration and frequent repetition. We now know that this style of learning is not efficient, because it causes unnecessary tension and it tends to involve just one half of the brain.
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    conceptualismo (De conceptual). 1. m. Sistema filosófico que defiende la realidad y legítimo valor de las nociones universales y abstractas, en cuanto son conceptos de la mente, aunque no les conceda existencia positiva y separada fuera de ella. Es un medio entre el realismo y el nominalismo. 2. m. Movimiento artístico surgido hacia el final de la década de 1960 que, restando importancia a la obra de arte en cuanto objeto material o resultado meritorio de una ejecución, hace hincapié, en cambio, en el concepto o idea del proceso artístico.
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    • Hipsters are artists who always lean to the left politically. Republican Hipsters are about as silly as Jews for Jesus. Hipsters tend to be champions of the First Amendment, the quintessential Lefty political cause. They are also into social causes and the environment, issues that are traditionally not embraced by the Right. More conservative Hipsters are into the Libertarian party. More extreme Hipsters are Socialists. And though radical and unrealistic worldviews such as anarchism are generally considered to be pretty fin, you will nonetheless be hard-pressed to find a Hipster who supports...
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    Menfightandlosethebattle,andthethingthattheyfoughtfor comesaboutinspiteoftheirdefeat,
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