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  • Wayne shared from Tell It Slant: A Conversation on the Language of Jesus in His Stories and Prayers by Eugene H. Peterson
    Jesus also used language to teach. Unlike the teaching that we are accustomed to in our schools, lectures designed to do our thinking for us, Jesus' teaching sparkled with scintillating aphorisms. He wasn't so much handing out information as reshaping our imaginations with metaphors so that we could take in the living multi-dimensioned truth that is Jesus.
    Note: Reshaped imagination … yes, please.
  • Wayne shared from Home By Another Way by Barbara Brown Taylor
    'Ihey did away with him in the name of law and order, in the defense of scripture and creed.'Ihose were the values Jesus challenged, and those were the values by which he was condemned. He was not killed by viceand corruption. He was killed by piety and due process,
  • Wayne shared from Leaving Church by Barbara Brown Taylor
    I thought that being faithful was about becoming someone other than who I was, in other words, and it was not until this project failed that I began to wonder if my human wholeness might be more useful to God than my exhausting goodness.
    Note: Just to be whle …
  • Wayne shared from Leaving Church by Barbara Brown Taylor
    church is not a stopping place but a starting place for discerning God’s presence in this world. By offering people a place where they may engage the steady practice of listening to divine words and celebrating divine sacraments, church can help people gain a feel for how God shows up—not only in Holy Bibles and Holy Communion but also in near neighbors, mysterious strangers, sliced bread, and grocery store wine. That way, when they leave church, they no more leave God than God leaves them.
    Note: A worthwhile way of thinking about church …
  • Wayne shared from Leaving Church by Barbara Brown Taylor
    The whole purpose of the Bible, it seems to me, is to convince people to set the written word down in order to become living words in the world for God’s sake. For me, this willing conversion of ink back to blood is the full substance of faith.
    Note: The substance of faith …
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