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  • Westell shared from The Alchemist - 10th Anniversary Edition by Paulo Coelho
    Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.
  • Westell shared from The Alchemist - 10th Anniversary Edition by Paulo Coelho
    before him and asked for her hand. It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting,
  • Westell shared from a Personal Document
    There is no need for us to gather every day, or every seven days, or on any high and auspicious day, to proclaim our rectitude or to grovel and wallow in our unworthiness. We atheists do not require any priests, or any hierarchy above them, to police our doctrine. Sacrifices and ceremonies are abhorrent to us, as are relics and the worship of any images or objects (even including objects in the form of one of man’s most useful innovations: the bound book). To us no spot on earth is or could be “holier” than another: to the ostentatious absurdity of the pilgrimage, or the plain horror of...
    Note: In pursuit of truth and beauty no religion is needed...
  • Westell shared from Wolf Hall & Bring Up The Bodies: Two-Book Edition by Hilary Mantel
    The fate of peoples is made like this, two men in small rooms. Forget the coronations, the conclaves of cardinals, the pomp and processions. This is how the world changes: a counter pushed across a table, a pen stroke that alters the force of a phrase, a woman’s sigh as she passes and leaves on the air a trail of orange flower or rosewater; her hand pulling close the bed curtain, the discreet sigh of flesh against flesh.
    Note: That is the truth
  • Westell shared from The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
    nations were the most foolish of mortal inventions. ‘No man is worth more than another, wherever he is from.’
    Note: No man is worth more than another
  • Westell shared from a Personal Document
    It is more than 20 years since we both left the city. This is a serious chunk of time, longer than the years we spent living there. Yet we still think of Jerusalem as our home. Not home in the sense of the place you conduct your daily life, or constantly return to. In fact, Jerusalem is our home almost against our wills. It is our home because it defines us, whether we like it or not.
    Note: All Israelis living abroad no doubt know exactly what this means
  • Westell shared from The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak
    The outfit was completed with earrings that matched, a burgundy beaded purse that Auntie Varsenig claimed would add a feminine touch, and a fluffy dark blue cardigan, just in case it got cold. That was one other thing Armanoush knew she should not question. Somehow the world outside the family house had an arctic character in the eyes of the Tchakhmakhchians. “Outside” meant “chilly land,” and to visit it, you had to take your cardigan, preferably handwoven. This she partly knew from her childhood, having spent her early years under the downy blankets Grandma knit for her with her initials...
    Note: Made me laugh and reminded me of my own childhood
  • Westell shared from a Personal Document
    Note: Looks great, Ottolenghi recipe