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  • YG shared from The Gardens Of Light by Amin Maalouf
    Note: ‘They heard from my lips the truths which were within them. One never listens to any but one’s own voice.’
  • YG shared from On Identity by Amin Maalouf
    Those who can accept their diversity fully will hand on the torch between communities and cultures, will be a kind of mortar joining together and strengthening the societies in which they live.
  • YG shared from On Identity by Amin Maalouf
    “The more you steep yourself in the culture of the host country the more you will be able to steep yourself in your own”; and then, to the other party: “The more an immigrant feels that his own culture is respected, the more open he will be to the culture of the host country”.
    Note: enlightenment of wisdom!
  • YG shared from The Irrational Bundle by Dan Ariely
    And then, one day, you realize that slowness isn’t so bad, that paying more attention has its rewards, and you want to write a book called In Praise of Slowness.”
    Note: :-)
  • YG shared from YOGURT for Agile Development by Yilmaz Guleryuz
    Note: What matters is to regard the whole setup as ‘organism’ not ‘organization’!