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I studied element 1-15, with the Eloheim
Saw the Canaanites, Sumerians, and the Philistines
This is street gospel, if you don't believe
In life at Mars, that mean the beast got you
You don't wanna see me and Killah Priest hostile
You don't wanna see, desert eag' heat pop you
This is Mothman Prophecy, walk back
To the sand of Iraq, and let the prophet breath
Returned all our water in the Tracik seas
And walk in the wall with armor that I copped in the breeze
Then I shoot the thieves, with a long arrow
Studied Imhotep, to be a strong Pharoah
It's a war when the God's spit
It's Allah, when I split the ice birds, in the often
I don't care what the cause is
And I'mma ride for my fam, no matter what the cost is

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    a wizard comes standard.
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  • Zach shared from Theory of Fun for Game Design by Raph Koster
    Many games have become obsolete and are no longer played. Grain harvesting used to be a really big deal, but it isn’t now. You can’t find many games about farming on the market as a result. In
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