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  • azog shared from The Realms Thereunder (An Ancient Earth) by Ross Lawhead
    “This age,” moaned Ealdstan. “This age is so cold . . . hearts are bitter and guts are bilious. There are no more heroes. There are none to help us from this era—none with strength in their soul to do what needs be done.
  • azog shared from I, Robot (The Robot Series Book 1) by Isaac Asimov
    Perhaps, to give you a not unfamiliar example, our entire technical civilization has created more unhappiness and misery than it has
    Note: pretty prophetic for something written 70 years ago
  • azog shared from Indo European Origins by William G. Davey
    those that are found on metal axes. This makes one think that the stone ones are copies of the metallic ones and so copies of weapons that evolved in the metalworking cultures of the Balkans. But,
    Note: why not the reverse? the metal weapons being copies of the stone ones?
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