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    But after a brief rally in response to the loan package, investors are starting to question the mechanics of the loan--which will be monitored by the so-called troika team of inspectors from the E.U., the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund--and whether it can really solve Spain's systemic problems, like its shocking 24% unemployment rate and its slumping housing market.
    Note: Y para terminar, ya no enga~amos a nadie (al menos fuera). Repasito que nos da la Time.
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    Spain 2.2% Spent the past 20 years building 43 international airports and the largest high-speed-rail network in Europe. Now rocked by the euro-zone debt crisis, its future projects are in doubt.
    Note: Nuestro pais tiene 43 aeropuertos internacionales. Es como las universidades...
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    For green-card seekers, the U.S. has a quota of about 25,000 green cards per country each year. That means Moldova (population: 3.5 million) gets the same number of green cards as Mexico (population: 112 million).
    Note: leyes absurdas estadounidenses, 25000 visados al a~o por pais, sin distinciones
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    "If you think the American tax code is outdated and complicated, try understanding America's immigration code."
    Note: Heh
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    BADVERTISING $40 million Settlement that Skechers USA must pay to customers for falsely promising, via ads, that its Shape-Ups shoes would help them easily lose weight and tone their butt, leg and stomach muscles
    Note: justo lo hablamos ayer
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