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  • chickwithbook shared from The Shell Collector by Hugh Howey
    Note: A tedious, boring, and pedantic slog of book. This is not a romance. This is not women's fiction. This is a blatant cash grab for those markets, but it fails, miserably, at telling anything resembling a compelling story or creating memorable, authentic characters.
  • chickwithbook shared from Accepted Fate (Volume 1) by Charisse Spiers
    Note: Tedious doesn't begin to cover what a slog it was to get through this book. I should have stopped and deleted, but I just had to see if it got any better. It didn't. If anything, it just became more and more of a slog. The ending is snarkworthy cray cray, however.
  • chickwithbook shared from The Ex Games 1 (Volume 1) by Helen Cooper, J. S. Cooper
    Note: Badly formatted. Many punctuation and grammar fails. Characters are ridiculous. And how does one have sex standing up in an elevator, with two other people present, without the other people being the wiser? Including having orgasms? This book actively kills brain cells.
  • chickwithbook shared from The Last Boyfriend (Forever Love) (Volume 1) by J. S. Cooper
    Note: Tedious, tedious, tedious. I think I lost brain cells reading this one.
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