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  • dave shared from THE CONFIDENCE GAP in the Features section of The Atlantic by KATTY KAY AND CLAIRE SHIPMAN
    Those who closely follow society’s shifting values see the world moving in a female direction.
    Note: for my girly friends.....which inludes Thelma & Louise..a good little article
  • dave shared from The POPE in the ATTIC in the Features section of The Atlantic by PAUL ELIE
    Question: Is Benedict interfering in Church governance? Answer: Are you kidding? He didn’t interfere even when he was pope!
    Note: yep
  • dave shared from Africa’s Tech Edge in the Features section of The Atlantic by DAYO OLOPADE
    necessity drives creativity,
    Note: we should use technology here in north america....kydos to Africa
  • dave shared from THE WAR ON REASON in the Features section of The Atlantic by PAUL BLOOM
    But as Aristotle recognized long ago, what’s so interesting about us is our capacity for reason, which reigns over all. If you miss this, you miss almost everything that matters.
    Note: I share Aristotle's view on reason. A tool that all of us possess, yet many of us refuse to use ....
  • dave shared from The Sandcastle Girls: A Novel by Chris Bohjalian
    She turns to the gendarme, rubs at the small of her back, and gazes at the weeds among the skulls. “What is the name of the black grass in the bones?” she asks him, pointing. For a moment he looks confused. Then, understanding her question, he rolls his eyes. “Not grass,” he says. “No?” He shakes his head. “Hair.” She looks again. Indeed, those are not vines or weeds. It’s hair. The skulls are sprouting great black tresses of hair.
    Note: so disturbing ........
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