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    tablas Interactuar con tus documentos X-Ray Repasar vocabulario Kindle FreeTime Goodreads en Kindle
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    Alpenglow “We are in the middle of friggin’ nowhere.” Gabe Kincaid looked across at his brother in
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    message rectangle. If you’re using the iPhone at the time, you can tap Ignore (to keep doing what you’re doing) or View (to open the message, as shown below).Otherwise, if the iPhone was asleep, it wakes up and displays the message right on its Unlock screen. You have to unlock the phone and then open the Text program manually. Tap the very first icon in the upper-left corner of the Home screen. The Text icon on the Home screen bears a little circled number “badge,” letting you know how many new text messages are waiting for you. Either way, the look of the Text program might surprise...
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