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  • liyunzhao shared from The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin
    If you wish information and improvement from the knowledge of others, and yet at the same time express yourself as firmly fix'd in your present opinions, modest, sensible men, who do not love disputation, will probably leave you undisturbed in the possession of your error.
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    As of 2009, some 215 million people were living outside the country in which they were born.2 That is 3 percent of the world’s population—and not just any 3 percent. Migrants tend to be more driven and dynamic than the people they leave behind. It takes courage to face the unknown, and get-up-and-go to get up and go.
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    The unwritten rules of the game soon became clear: the candidates were allowed no public assemblies, no television ads, and no campaign posters. They were not allowed to criticize any policy implemented by the Communist Party, nor were they free to criticize their opponents on any issue. There would be no American-style debates over taxes or spending or the country’s future. The only thing a candidate could do was to compare his personal qualities to those of his opponent.
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    Chinese leaders have persuaded many in the West to believe that China’s rise will be peaceful and will not come at others’ expense, even while they adhere to a strategy that fundamentally rejects this.
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    Pleasures [p. 15] tasted sparingly and with difficulty have always a higher relish, whilst everything that is easy and common grows stale and insipid.'
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    Don't waste your valuable time in correcting mistakes – avoid the mistakes in the first place.
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    法律应当由一部分人制定,并由另一部分人实施;换言之,立法与司法的性质必须加以严格的区分。当此类职责集于同一个人或同一个机构时,他或它就往往会因为询私情而制定出规定特定情形的特定的法律,旨在实现一己的目的;如果立法机构与司法机构分立,那么立法机构就会制定出一般性的法律,因为立法者在立法之时毋须亦无从预见这些法律将对谁产生影响;而在法律被制定出来以后,它们则必须由另一部分人亦即司法机构来实施,即让这些法律去影响它们将影响的人……如果法律将要影响的当事人和利益群体先就为立法者所知,那么立法者就必然会倾向于一方或另一方;如果不仅没有既定的规则来调整立法者的决定,而且也没有超乎于其上的力量去控制立法者的程序,那么立法者的偏向就将严重侵损公共正义的完整性(the integrityofpublicjustice)。而这种境况必将导致如下结果:这样一种政体下的臣民就会生活于没有恒定之法的境况之中,这即是说,生活于没有任何众所周知的先已确立的司法规则的境况之中;或者说,这些臣民即使生活于有法律的境况之中,这些法律也是为特定的人而制定的,其间充满了矛盾和这些法律所赖以产生的种种不公正的动机
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