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Joel Anderson,despite rumors to the contrary, is not a Klingon.

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  • mrklingon shared from Star Trek: The Original Series: Vulcan's Soul #1: Exodus by Josepha Sherman, Susan Shwartz
    Easier by far, thought Ambassador Spock, to get forgiveness than permission. Humans might have invented that saying, but its applications were universal.
  • mrklingon shared from A Year with C. S. Lewis by C. S. Lewis
    You must therefore zealously guard in his mind the curious assumption ‘My time is my own’. Let him have the feeling that he starts each day as the lawful possessor of twenty-four hours. Let him feel as a grievous tax that portion of this property which he has to make over to his employers, and as a generous donation that further portion which he allows to religious duties. But what he must never be permitted to doubt is that the total from which these deductions have been made was, in some mysterious sense, his own personal birthright.
  • mrklingon shared from A Year with C. S. Lewis by C. S. Lewis
    Men are not angered by mere misfortune but by misfortune conceived as injury. And the sense of injury depends on the feeling that a legitimate claim has been denied. The
  • mrklingon shared from Daily Light on the Daily Path: Morning and Evening Devotionals from God's Word® by Baker Publishing Group
    God will give you his constantly overflowing kindness. Then, when you always have everything you need, you can do more and more good things.
  • mrklingon shared from Grace Notes: Daily Readings with Philip Yancey by Philip Yancey
    And Easter Sunday shows that, in the end, suffering will not triumph. Therefore, “Consider it pure joy … whenever you face trials of many kinds,” writes James; and “In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials,” writes Peter; and “We also rejoice in our sufferings,” writes Paul. The apostles go on to explain what good can result from such “redeemed suffering”: maturity, wisdom, genuine faith, perseverance, character, and many rewards to come. It’s a matter of time, Paul says. Just wait: God’s miracle of...
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