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  • random shared from House of the Red Slayer: A Brother Athelstan Medieval Mystery 2 by Paul Doherty
    ‘It can be done, my Lord Coroner,’ he observed daily.
    Note: editting
  • random shared from Terra Australis Templar (A Peter Wilks Archaeological Mystery Book 1) by Gregory House
    Oh dear, that sounded just like the red squirrel problem at home. Some idiot had thought they’d look attractive in English forests, making them so much more colourful so now they were out competing the British grey squirrel.
    Note: totally wrong stupid aussie bastard
  • random shared from Shroud of Dishonour (Templar Knight Mystery) by Maureen Ash
    and green eyes that were reminiscent of limpid pools in a forest glade.
    Note: what a terrible bit of prose. No serious writer would pen such purple prose
  • random shared from Heresy by S. J. Parris
    collecting obscure books of esoterica,
    Note: 20C not 16C
  • random shared from Heresy by S. J. Parris
    The old dog had finished her business
    Note: [weeing against a wall] ithink not
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