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  • the17pointscale shared from The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco
    "In the place of his head he has a bookcase.
    Note: beware of book brain.
  • the17pointscale shared from The Cave by José Saramago
    On principle and as a precautionary measure, a dog should always bark at any surprises life throws at him, because he has no way of knowing beforehand if the good surprises could turn bad or the bad cease to be what they were, therefore Found barked and barked, first out of concern when his master appeared to vanish into the shadowy depths of the kiln, then out of joy to see him emerge whole and with a changed look on his face, these are the small miracles of love, for caring about what you do also deserves that name.
    Note: this may be the best book that ive read about dogs (though its not actually about dogs)
  • the17pointscale shared from The Cave by José Saramago
    there's no way of knowing if the tree you plant will also turn out to be the tree you hang yourself from,
    Note: im going to try to say this aphorism tomorrow.
  • the17pointscale shared from The Cave by José Saramago
    leaving us to flounder like idiots on the surface of ourselves, spattering the world with pointless and fallacious explanations.
    Note: If we are all floundering on the surfaces of ourselves, what would it look like to find our depths?
  • the17pointscale shared from Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander (Image Classics) by Thomas Merton
    Lewis Mumford says, in his City in History, that the earliest cities were cities of the dead. The necropolis, the cemetery, antedates the city of the living. This is clear in Genesis. Abraham lives in tents and is on the move all the time—until he dies. There is one fixed place only: the place where you finally stop and “rest” or “sleep with the Fathers.”
    Note: a strange, nonsensical historical thought--the chicken burial grounds came before the eggeries.
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