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  • themerrywench shared from All the Dancing Birds by Auburn McCanta
    Note: I don't think I've read such a beautiful, moving, heartbreaking journey, as is found in this book, in a very long time.
  • themerrywench shared from Olivia by Donna Sturgeon
    More accurately, it was a mug shot of Toni Tennille Dinwiddie, but the name on the placard she held said Michelle Lynn Reed.
    Note: Omg, my sister is a character in this novel I'm reading...what are the odds?
  • themerrywench shared from Midnight Rides (An Anthology of Intense Stories) by Shannon Mayer
    Fox farts.
    Note: Lol...whaaaatt? Haha!
  • themerrywench shared from Splice Children - Book One by Nicholas King
    Note: I get wanting to end on a cliffhanger, but this really wasn't the right way to do it. Overall, this story had a slow start, but became a mildly enjoyable read.
  • themerrywench shared from Adult ADD: My Strategies and Life Lessons That Helped Me Cope Successfully With Adult ADD/ADHD by CJ McKinney
    It’s hard, too, to keep a vision in mind.  When I write fiction, for example, I can sometimes see the entire plot of a novel or story in front of me. But when it comes to actually putting that vision down on paper, because I have to write it in a linear fashion, that bigger picture just fades away, lost because of the plodding steps I’m having to take just to get there.
    Note: YES! A thousand million times, yes!!! I have this problem with the novels I set out to write!!!
  • themerrywench shared from The Demon Within by Jessica Stark
    Note: I really wish the author had proofread this first. Awfully hard to read with all the glaring errors.
  • themerrywench shared from Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves Series Book 1) by Quinn Loftis
    Note: I'm sorry but this book took the plot development way too could have easily.been two books that slowly developed the romance aspect to make it more plausible. Jen was funny though. Other than that, I really don't have anything good to say.
  • themerrywench shared from ANGEL by Mary E. Kingsley
    Note: Amazing. Simply amazing.
  • themerrywench shared from Eternal Eden (Eden Trilogy Book 1) by Nicole Williams
    “But if you call a girl Don Juan would raise from the grave for showing up at my door after midnight looking for you a jump, so be it.
    Note: WTF are you trying to say? I think I get it but the awkward wording makes my head hurt.
  • themerrywench shared from A Breath of Eyre (Unbound) by Eve Marie Mont
    “‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,’”
    Note: One of my favorite lines of all time ...Of ALL TIME!!!!