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Would-be writer, environmentalist, naturalist, allotment holder, blogger, vlogger, and dog owner. <br /><br />oh and book reader, obviously ;) <br /><br />@tontowilliams

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  • tontowilliams shared from Personal (Jack Reacher 19) by Lee Child
    I know I only just got here, but I wasn’t born yesterday. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.
  • tontowilliams shared from Personal (Jack Reacher 19) by Lee Child
    a chalkboard menu about 90 per cent full of things that don’t really belong in coffee, like dairy products of various types and temperatures, and weird nut-based flavourings, and many other assorted pollutants. I got a plain house blend, black, no sugar, in the middle-sized go-cup, not the enormous grande bucket some folks like, and a slab of lemon pound cake to go with it, and I sat alone on a hard wooden chair at a table for two.
    Note: proper coffee ala Jack Reacher. "When in doubt, drink coffee."
  • tontowilliams shared from The Burning Room (Harry Bosch) by Michael Connelly
    “You want to be a good detective, go out and knock on doors.”
    Note: Harry Bosch "The Burning Room" #bosch
  • tontowilliams shared from Fifty Degrees Below by Kim Stanley Robinson
    that health was a state of dynamic balance almost inconceivably complex, a matter of juggling a thousand balls while unicycling on a tightrope over the abyss – in a gale – at night
  • tontowilliams shared from House of Rain: Tracking a Vanished Civilization Across the American Southwest by Craig Childs
    The inside of my truck was in wretched condition. Cough drops and loose change occupied the beverage holder. The clock showed some obscure time having nothing to do with any other clock in the world. Points of books poked at our sides, and the floorboards and bench seat were cluttered with disheveled papers and folders wrinkled and water stained. The cab smelled of motor oil and rancid nuts. The passenger’s seat belt was inaccessible. This was my library, my den.
    Note: Bit like my car at times!