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    Note: Nailed it , people before policies , cant agree more
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    Book cover design teaches you that for any one project, there are infinite approaches. There were several factors at play in jacket design. A jacket had to satisfy us, the designers, artistically. It also had to please the author and the editorial department by doing justice to the content. It had to appeal to Sales and Marketing in terms of grabbing attention, and positioning and promoting the book. Sometimes designers were frustrated when their work was turned down by one department or the other. “Idiots. Fools,” they’d mutter, storming around the office. “This is a brilliant design.”...
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    “The idea that things must have a beginning is really due to the poverty of our thoughts.” —Bertrand
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    Security is about the users and not about the technology. We are fallible creatures, and thus we make the Internet inherently insecure. However, it’s not just humans that are broken: the underlying protocols and applications that we rely on are, too. They leak information and are vulnerable to many classes of attacks. In addition, the Internet wasn’t designed to be secure in the first place. Remember for a moment that the Internet was originally based on telephone systems. If you think that foreign governments haven’t tapped phones, phone lines, fiber optics, and switches all over the globe,...
    Note: #Security #Privacy #Myth
  • vasundhar shared from Notes to Myself: My Struggle to Become a Person by Hugh Prather
    When I’m critical of another person, when I see his behavior as a “fault,” my attitude includes these feelings: I think of him as one thing (instead of having many parts). I dislike him. I “just can’t understand” his action. I think he “knows better.” And I think he has a choice. If I feel this way I am in reality seeing my own self-condemnation. “Fault” means failure to meet a standard. Whose? Mine. Another person’s behavior is “bad” or “understandable” according to my experience with myself. My feeling of censure means that if I had acted that way I would think...
    Note: Notes to Myself