Mirabelle knows, and she lets this be unspoken, that all free things require conversation.
She is still willing to go out with him, however, until something less horrible comes along.
For Mirabelle, there are four levels of being held. The first, and highest, is the complete surround: he will wrap his arms around her and they will spoon as he whispers how beautiful she is and how he had been transported to another plane. The odds of this particular scenario unfolding from the youthful Jeremy are slim, in fact, so slim that they could slip out the door without opening it. There are, however, other levels of holding that for tonight would suit Mirabelle just fine. He could lie on his back and she would rest her head on his chest, while one of his arms holds her tight. Third best...
But at least he’s had the courtesy to bring something over, an offering to her for what he is about to receive.