Uncertainty motivates individuals to seek information, as it is an uncomfortable state.
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a common problem for many individuals and organizations is how to speed up the rate of diffusion of an innovation.
Note: And the BIG question is - How do you speed up the rate of diffusion of an innovation???
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Among the important research questions addressed by diffusion scholars are (1) how earlier adopters differ from later adopters of an innovation (see Chapter 7), (2) how the perceived attributes of an innovation, such as its relative advantage, compatibility, and so on, affect its rate of adoption, whether relatively rapidly or more slowly, as is detailed in Chapter 6, and (3) why the S-shaped diffusion curve “takes off” at about 10 to 20 percent adoption, when interpersonal networks become activated so that a critical mass of adopters begin using an innovation (see Chapter 8).
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Note: Also look at similarity to Connected - the book and network theory.