THE ZEROTH LAW (THE GISKARDIAN REFORMATION) A robot must act in the long-range interest of humanity as a whole, and may overrule all other laws whenever it seems necessary for that ultimate good.
Meanwhile, those living on the Spacer colony worlds found their own style of insanity, becoming pathetically overdependent on android servants.
Note: So Google will take over the world.
What they produced was a tachyon laser. The beam shot out of here, straight as any ray of light, expanding and drilling holes through any object that stood in its way, appearing to vaporize a pedestrian who was walking nearby, before the errant ray continued off the planet surface, disappearing into space.
Note: Explains A Pebble In The Sky. 1 of 2
“That’s right, Professor. Take the pedestrian who had supposedly been ‘vaporized.’ He actually experienced a quite different fate. He was transported — in quite good condition — ahead to the same position on Earth’s surface, roughly ten thousand years in his future.”
Note: Explains A Pebble In The Sky. 2 of 2