The family lived modestly in Prince George’s County, a suburb just outside Washington DC, and Sergey attended the public Eleanor Roosevelt High School, a tough place where brawn mattered more than brains. One of his classmates recalled that Sergey was “quite cocky about his intellect,” often attempting to prove to teachers that they were wrong.
Note: This is where my wife went to high school
Michael Brin kept his family, and his students, entertained and on guard. He would often hand graded tests back to his math students with a simple, “My sincere condolences,” or amuse himself by making fun of wrong answers, saying, “That’s perfectly incorrect.” A former student recalled
that money can buy.’ Sergey was adamant about the food service and keeping employees on campus, and keeping productivity up, and encouraging them to come in every day not knowing what they were going to be served. I wouldn’t put out the menu until ten minutes before lunch. They wanted burgers, hot dogs, burritos.
others were still in their twenties. Sergey and Larry wanted free, wholesome food for everyone. It was a perk with a purpose. It would keep people near one another and their desks; prevent them from developing poor eating habits that would diminish productivity; eliminate the time they would otherwise spend going out to lunch and worrying over plans; and create a sense of togetherness. Six months and thousands