David then went on to tell me about a tree that is leaning against the side of his house. It is dangerous and he needs to call the tree service and have it taken down. He sees the tree every morning from his bathroom window while he shaves, and every morning he resolves to call Foley’s Tree Service that day. And each night, when he brushes his teeth, he sees the tree still there, and he realizes another day has passed and Foley has not been called. I offered to call Foley right then and there, but he said no, he needed to do it himself. It’s been two years and Foley is still waiting for the...
To make matters worse, all problems related to the mind were considered shameful: marks of weakness, flaws in character.
I wasn’t depressed anymore. Instead I was completely enraged all the time. Angry, angry, angry. I didn’t know why, and I couldn’t figure it out. I just knew that nothing was working and my life really sucked. I was working as hard as I could to make it not suck. But it was still terrible.
as the doctor predicted, he went on to have a whole lot of trouble at school. He’s very smart, but he had a terrible time. He barely graduated high school.”