First Sight and Second Thoughts, that’s what a witch had to rely on: First Sight to see what’s really there, and Second Thoughts to watch the First Thoughts to check that they were thinking right. Then there were the Third Thoughts, which Tiffany had never heard discussed and therefore kept quiet about; they were odd, seemed to think for themselves, and didn’t turn up very often. And they were telling her that there was more to Miss Treason than met the eye.
Note: Best description of self-awareness that I can remember to have read so far... Ty Terry Pratchett!
“It’s not funny, Miss Treason! What shall I do?” “I don’t know. If possible, be yourself.”
Note: Be yourself. Might not always be easy, yet always a good start. #self-awareness #Pratchett
“Blessings be upon this house,” said Granny, but in a voice that suggested that if blessings needed to be taken away, she could do that, too. “Quite probably,” said Nanny Ogg. “It’s Ped Fecundis, then?” Granny nodded at Tiffany. “Looks like a bad case. The floorboards started growing after she walked over them in bare feet.” “Ha! Have you given her anything for it?” said Granny. “I prescribed a pair of slippers.” “I really don’t see how avatarization could be taking place, not when we’re talking about elementals, it makes no—” Miss Tick began. “Do stop wittering,...
Note: how's this for influencing...
and doing witchcraft in small ways. Mostly it seemed to just consist of gossip, but once you got the hang of it, you could hear the magic happening. Nanny Ogg changed the way people thought, even if it was only for a few minutes. She left people thinking they were slightly better people. They weren’t, but as Nanny said, it gave them something to live up to.
Note: I'm always amazed at the congruence btw Terry Pratchett's descriptions of witchcraft and coaching:)