it is often necessary to walk backwards, as a man on the wrong road goes back to a sign-post to find the right road.
Note: from G.K. Chesterton's New Jerusalem.
The sight of the cross-roads is in a true sense the sign of the cross. For it is the sign of a truly Christian thing; that sharp combination of liberty and limitation which we call choice. A man is entirely free to choose between right and left, or between right and wrong.
Note: @chesterton: The sight of the crossroads is in a true sense the sign of the cross
The mob howls before the palace gates, "Hateful tyrant, we demand that you assume more despotic powers"; and the tyrant thunders from the balcony, "Vile rebels, do you dare to suggest that my powers should be extended?" There seems to be a little misunderstanding somewhere.
is here we find the value of what I have called walking backwards through history.
Note: «[W]alking backwards through history.»