III. In the beginning of his reign, he used to spend daily an hour by himself in private, during which time he did nothing else but catch flies, and stick them through the body with a sharp pin. When some one therefore inquired, "whether any one was with the emperor," it was significantly answered by Vibius Crispus, "Not so much as a fly."
X. But he did not long persevere in this course of clemency and justice, although he sooner fell into cruelty than into avarice. He put to death a scholar of Paris, the pantomimic [816], though a minor, and then sick, only because, both in person and the practice of his art, he resembled his master; as he did likewise Hermogenes of Tarsus for some oblique reflections in his History;
Upon this occasion, he likewise banished all the philosophers from the city and Italy.
in the city, without publicly professing themselves to be such [822], and
Note: Os que "vivem à maneira dos judeus" provavelmente são cristãos perseguidos, aqui confundidos com simples judeus. Seria a única nota nessa obra sobre a perseguição descrita de maneira vívida por Eusébio de Cesaréia em sua História Eclesiástica.