Whatever Ogden might be, there was no doubt that Billy Stanborough, that fellow of infinite jest, was the ideal companion for a voyage.
Note: I wonder if this is source for title of David Foster Wallace's great novei.
'Come in, Mrs Sheridan. Ah!' A girl in a plain, neat blue dress entered the room. She was a small, graceful girl of about twenty-five, pretty and brisk, with the air of one accustomed to look after herself in a difficult world. Her eyes were clear and steady, her mouth sensitive but firm, her chin the chin of one who has met trouble and faced it bravely. A little soldier.
Peter Burns's Narrative Chapter 1 I I am strongly of the opinion that, after the age of twenty-one, a man ought not to be out of bed and awake at four in the morning.
Certainly I had never tried to do so five years ago when I had loved Audrey Blake. I had let myself be carried on from day to day in a sort of trance, content to be utterly happy, without dissecting my happiness. But I was five years younger then, and Audrey was--Audrey.