but I shall kill no albatross; therefore do not be alarmed for my safety or if I should come back to you as worn and woeful as the "Ancient Mariner."
Note: to s. As in Coleridge's poem.
One man's life or death were but a small price to pay for the acquirement of the knowledge which I sought, for the dominion I should acquire and transmit over the elemental foes of our race.
Note: to s. 1) Do you believe this? Are some things worth the sacrifice of everything else? 2) Can we trust the narrator here? Does he really want to sacrifice for the greater good?
I was required to exchange chimeras of boundless grandeur for realities of little worth.
Note: To s. Is this a legitimate critique of modern science?
Now I was led to examine the cause and progress of this decay and forced to spend days and nights in vaults and charnel-houses.
Note: To S. 19th century scientists and med students did not have ready access to dead bodies for study and were often caught digging up graves or hiring graverobbers.