“I’m no better nor less than the next man. But the thing about me is that I always knew what my acts would mean. I was lucky ... I found a singleness of purpose early on.”
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This cycle—hard work, success, more hard work, more success, with the occasional setback thrown in—is the crucible of character.
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Your behavior is predictable, because you are consistent in your choices and your actions.
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Aim for the stars: When people are encouraged to reach beyond their grasp, the results can be eye-opening. Successful leaders don’t buy into perceived limitations. Insist on excellence: The importance of setting high standards cannot be overestimated. And this can’t be a part-time preoccupation. The closer you are to the goal line, the more perfect you must be: Perfection matters most when the pressure is greatest—in those situations that can change the direction of an organization. At these moments, in particular, aiming for perfection pays dividends.
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