Tohrment was the first of the brotherhood to arrive. His eyes were all fired up, pain and vengeance making the dark blue glow so vividly even Wrath caught the flash of color. As Tohr settled back against one of Darius’s yellow walls, Vishous came into the room. The goatee he’d recently grown made him seem even more sinister than usual, although the tattoo around his left eye was what really put him into ominous territory. Tonight his Red Sox hat was pulled down tight so the complex markings on his temple barely showed. As always, his black driving glove, used to keep his left hand from inadvertently...
Note: introduction of multiple characters
room with its plastic plants, dog-eared magazines, and anxious people. Pushing
Note: Great way to set a scene fast.
By the way, how’s the wife?”
Note: nice way to show familarity.
The cops were really good to her when
Note: nice way to introduce a setting