Within traditional corporate structures, project teams and task forces transform data into wisdom vertically. Wisdom networks do so horizontally and therefore synergistically.
Organizations that have an excess of execution and not enough wisdom will fail as innovators. Organizations that have a great deal of wisdom and little execution ability will fail in implementation of ideas, or execution. The key, therefore, is finding the proper balance between the two.
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Current State Assessment Guidelines
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Many organizations never identify their informal networks and are surprised when they learn of their existence and expertise. To make sure that networks in early stages continue to grow and develop, therefore, be sure to do these identification tasks, especially resolving start-up problems. It may be that the focus of the network is slightly off kilter-that is, it's not addressing key business goals or it is lacking the resources it needs to move forward in a meaningful way. Don't take your networks for granted and assume they can resolve all their problems without your assistance.
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