In addition to being smart and focused and incredibly hardworking, Hannah Smith is also a quitter. In order to get as far as she’s gotten, she’s quit countless other pursuits. You really can’t try to do everything, especially if you intend to be the best in the world.
If you’ve read Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail, this isn’t news to you. But I don’t care about the long tail right now—I want to show you the short head. The short, big, profitable head. That’s the juicy share of the market that belongs to the people at the top of the list.
When you visit a new town, are you the sort of person who wants to visit a typical restaurant, or do you ask the concierge for the best place?
Where does the scarcity come from? It comes from the hurdles that the markets and our society set up. It comes from the fact that most competitors quit long before they’ve created something that makes it to the top. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. The system depends on it.