Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who said, “I’ve lived my life in a society where there was no rule of law. And that’s a terrible existence. But a society where the rule of law is the only standard of ethical behavior is equally bad.” Rollins asserts, “Solzhenitsyn said that if the United States only aspires to a legal standard of moral excellence, we will have missed the point. Man can do better.
Note: i do not think you can legislate your way to good ethics
Asking the question “How would I like to be treated in this situation?” is an integrity guideline for any situation.   Now, let me explain why I believe the Golden Rule can become your North Star when it comes to ethical navigation.
Note: the golden rule is an excellent and simple standard that can apply in all situations
No matter what arbitrary criteria you can think of—whether it’s wealth, talent, ideology, nationality, race, or something else—it cannot be logically supported.
Note: i certantly agree
• Character Is More Than Talk: Many people talk about doing the right thing, but action is the true measure of character. Dennis Kozlowski, the CEO of Tyco, often touted the frugal way he conducted business and talked about the spartan offices the company maintained. However, anyone who watched his actions closely could have seen that his talk and walk didn’t line up. • Talent Is a Gift—Character Is a Choice: There are a lot of things in life a person doesn’t get to choose, such as where you’re born, who your parents are, and how tall you are. But there are some critical things every...
Note: wow...some good thoughts on character