No one suspected that Shawn Fanning, sitting in his dorm room at Northeastern University in 1999, was about to change the world. The eighteen-year-old freshman typed at his computer and wondered what would happen if people could share music files with one another. Fanning came up with Napster, an idea that would deliver a crushing blow to the recording industry. But he wasn’t at the head of this attack—the entire battle was waged by an army of music-sharing teens, college students, and, eventually, iPod-carrying businessmen.
lost—the recording industry has lost—25 percent of its revenue since the onslaught of these services.”
Apaches had a Nant’an—a spiritual and cultural leader. The Nant’an led by example and held no coercive power. Tribe members followed the Nant’an because they wanted to, not because they had to. One of the most famous Nant’ans in history was Geronimo,
The phrase “you should” doesn’t even exist in the Apache language. Coercion is a foreign concept.