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Note: this was the last ice age and therefore probably the easiest to track (with the most evidence). every previous ice age would have been more and more difficult to find remains from (harder to find older extinctions) so there were probably more extintions in previous ice ages than we know) wouldnt they also be much deeper under ground?
many locations by now, and we would not still be arguing.
Note: the argument that if its true we would have discovered it by now is not at all convincing to me. our sciences and technology are very young. our established history is inadequate, this is the authors argument in the first place. how can he then argue that if it were so it would have been discovered already and we wouldnt continue to argue?!
them barely a century to discover all worthwhile stone sources; only
Note: new zealand is tiny
(50 percent greater than Africa’s) and much greater environmental diversity would
Note: what do you mean by this? i just gathered from you that africas animals are more diverse