realize that that is exactly what shows our great wretchedness. For
Note: Chesterton agreed. He wrote that meaninglessness comes not from being weary of pain, but of being weary of pleasure
I learnt by experience that it is no cause for surprise when bread which is pleasant to a healthy palate is misery to an unhealthy one; and to sick eyes light which is desirable to the healthy is hateful. The wicked are displeased by your justice,
Note: Thoughts from St. Augustine, shared from my Kindle
together, a very affectionate and precious bond suddenly torn apart. I
Note: Instead I think he was experiencing grief from the natural reaction to an spiritually unnatural occurance originally unintended by the Creator: namely Death.
It existed so as to be able to be long. But after it had passed away, it simultaneously ceased to be long because it ceased to be.
Note: This exposes the pointless argument of the earths age. If time cannot be defined or understood, and manipulated as quantum physics suggest guessing the age of something monolithic is impossible with any accuracy.