By his stress on `concupiscence' (uncontrolled desire) he set the West on the path to identifying sin with sex; that was not his intention.
Plotinus' mysticism was grounded in his belief that the purified soul, purged of all physical contact and all images of material things, is capable of achieving a union with God which is an experience of identity (Plotinus 4. 8. 1). Moreover, it is an experience in which the soul is lifted up beyond the successiveness of time to the simultaneity of eternity, and requires quiet and silence.
All words are inadequate for the expression of divine mysteries.
Similarly, if I ask which would cause the greater inconvenience to someone's life, to forget how to read and write or to forget these fabulous poems, who does not see what answer he would give, unless he has totally lost his senses? So it was a sin in me as a boy when I gave pride of place in my affection to those empty fables rather than to more useful studies, or rather when I hated the one and loved the other.
Note: This is how it is with me and television/Netflix. It has become one of my many crutches. Why am I not investing my in that which is of great value to my soul?