Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces
in The Dharma Bums Ray wants to make haikus up “real fast as you go along, spontaneously,” while Japhy believes “you never can be too careful about haiku.”
“Practice charity without holding in mind any conceptions about charity, for charity after all is just a word.”
I waded in the water and dunked a little and stood looking up at the splendorous night sky, Avalokitesvara’s ten-wondered universe of dark and diamonds. “Well, Ray,” sez I, glad, “only a few miles to go. You’ve done it again.” Happy. Just in my swim shorts, barefooted, wild-haired, in the red fire dark, singing, swigging wine, spitting, jumping, running—that’s the way to live. All alone and free in the soft sands of the beach by the sigh of the sea out there, with the Ma-Wink fallopian virgin warm stars reflecting on the outer channel fluid belly waters.