As the children of migrant workers themselves, Lorden and Betty Price had grown up with the same strong work ethic many migrant field workers
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Devout Catholics, they planned on instilling love and sound moral sensibilities into whatever children God blessed them with.
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his humility and wisdom, particularly in his later years, after he returned from an extended visit to France in 1992. He had authored a book about that time titled Dance of the Dead. Something profound had happened in France. What exactly, Heather didn’t know. The references were oblique, and his book was obscure. Evidently he’d gone to France to study under the tutelage of a famous bishop. But he’d been forced to step down from the program due to personal reasons. The year of study became a yearlong sabbatical, during which Father Seymour recovered from the effects of an exorcism ritual...
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confessed her suspicions to the FBI, Eve would know and would do much worse than what Alex was doing already. On the other hand, Jessica knew she
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