“I had a Chengelpet day,” I said. “This time with a goat.”
“She’s being a teenager,” I said. “New friends. New planet. New boyfriend.” “Yes. Enzo,” Hickory said. “We feel deeply ambivalent about him.” “Join the club,” I said. “We can remove him,” Hickory said. “Really, no,” I said. “Perhaps later,” Hickory said. “Rather than killing off Zoë’s potential suitors, I’d prefer the two of you focus on helping Jane find whatever it is that’s out there pawing on our perimeter,” I said. “It’s probably less emotionally satisfying, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s going to be more useful.”
“I want to make this clear to the two of you,” I said. “In all circumstances, protect Zoë.” “We will,” Hickory said. “Always.” “Good,” I said. “Do try not to kill me in the process. Or Jane.” “We will try,” Hickory said.