Yet I refused to give up the color display. My reasoning told me that color was unimportant, but my emotional reaction told me otherwise.
Note: authors first example of the runin with the emotional need
The surprise is that we now have evidence that aesthetically pleasing objects enable you to work better.
Note: i agree. for example ever since i started using iphone i feel better about making phonecalls
Positive affect arouses curiosity, engages creativity, and makes the brain into an effective learning organism.
Note: while the negative stressed state of mind makes us focus on the details to solve the problem as soon as possible. the positive state of mind makes us more able to see the big picture and think outside the box
No criticism is allowed because it would raise the level of anxiety among the participants.
Note: early criticism ruines effective brainstorming. in order for brainstorming to be effective we must be in a relaxed and happy mood